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Kubota made it his life’s mission to recreate a lost textile dyeing technique from the 16th century and the results are stunning. On a cloudy day at Kawaguchiko (when Mt Fuji did not emerge), we came across the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum on the shores of the lake. 5) Miyajima. Every year, tourists travel in hordes to Japan to see its beautiful scenes and experience the Japanese way of life. The following represent some of Japan's most popular traditions. Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? Tatami mat rooms are elegant, minimalist spaces, usually with just a table and low chairs where you can enjoy green tea on arrival. An additional reason for my fascination with Japan is the sheer amount of cultural expressions there are. Read more about Kinosaki Onsen and onsen etiquette. Geishas are one of the most fascinating aspects of Japan, especially if you’ve read Arthur Golden’s popular novel Memoirs of a Geisha about these highly-skilled women who entertain using traditional arts. Erin • nev-clockJuly 2, 2020 • nev-balloon21. 102 Things To Try In Japan posted by John Spacey, March 02, 2009 updated on January 08, 2019. Required fields are marked *. Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Japan. It’s much quieter than other temples in the area, and the shady temple complex features 1200 stone sculptures of the Buddha’s disciples all with different facial expressions and poses from scary to serene. Not realizing that taxi doors open automatically in Japan, I committed my first etiquette faux pas– a very common one indeed, and typically laughed at. Continue to the village of Kurama where you can have a tasty vegetarian lunch at Yoshuji or soak in an onsen before hopping on the train back to Kyoto. DisneySea is one of the best Disney parks in the world with a unique nautical theme featuring ports like Mysterious Island with an erupting volcano and Mediterranean Harbor which looks just like Italy. Best of all are the shinkansen or bullet trains which travel at ultra-high speeds of up to 320 km/h (199 mph). why do we not have these in Merica, Your email address will not be published. The perfectly shaped volcano is Japan’s highest mountain at 3776 metres, and it’s especially lovely in the winter and spring when it is snow-capped. Learn how your comment data is processed. Discover 20 unique things to do in Japan including unusual Japan attractions, strange foods to try and cool things you can only do in Japan. This page contains affiliate links. You can even order drinks and food. Weird things in Japan 1. In Tokyo you can do a tea ceremony at the Bonsai Museum. You can see sumo wrestling at one of the sumo tournaments that happen a few times a year (book tickets in advance on Voyagin) or take a tour to a sumo stable in Tokyo or Osaka to see the wrestlers’ morning training session. For many people the iconic Mount Fuji is a top Japan sightseeing spot. In addition to that, Genevieve especially loves to go on Mission Trips and serving different kinds of people. A nighttime visit to Osaka’s Dotonbori neighbourhood is a must-do in Japan with its overwhelming display of neon, giant food models, and many restaurants and food stalls. Many locals still enjoy wearing traditional clothes for special occasions, including graduation, weddings, and festivals. It’s an immersive experience where you walk around in the dark (there’s no map) and interact with a series of colourful exhibitions of light and sound displays. Kairo (Heat Packs) Kairo are disposable Japanese heat packs which are typically stuck to one’s body to stay warm during the brutal Japanese winters. It has a very Victorian aesthetic, and also offers a beer exclusive to the factory, known as 5-Star, making it one of our favorite things to do in Japan. People wearing a mask even though they are not ill The number of people wearing a mask in Japan is absolutely crazy. Trains and Buses ALWAYS come on time. Your email address will not be published. Opt-out at any time (an unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every email). Omikuji are fortune-telling paper strips that can be bought at Japanese temples and shrines. Matches still include rituals that date back to its ancient origins as part of the Shinto religion such as purifying the ring with salt. It was fascinating to see what life was like for rural Japanese in the Edo period. Night illuminations at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto. The epic, multi-course meals are a highlight of a stay in a ryokan and have been some of our best meals in Japan. Shinkansen are expensive, but a Japan Rail Pass makes them more affordable as you can hop on as many as you’d like without a reservation. The best towns to see Mount Fuji from are the hot spring resort Hakone or the Fuji Five Lakes area (especially the lakeside town Kawaguchiko). “Lucky bags” (sold during New Year’s), 21. Thanks to their handy shuttle, you can visit Edo Wonderland in one day from Tokyo, but I recommend taking a more extended stay in Nikko and enjoying Old Japan. (According to local sources: As compared to prices in Singapore, it’s relatively around 20% cheaper off retail price) Origami 折り紙 Paper Kits. There are a lot of countries that are famous all over the world for some peculiarities. During this time Japan was not under the influence of foreign powers which facilitated the expansion of the indigenous culture. Tea isn’t just a drink in Japan and I highly recommend experiencing a traditional tea ceremony to learn more about this important part of Japanese culture. the thing to summon the wait person or the bill at restaurants is amazing! There are many onsen towns in Japan. It’s one of our absolute favourite things to do in Kyoto. Head to Hiroshima to pay your respects to the victims of the atomic bombing at Hiroshima’s moving Peace Memorial Park. Above everything else, she is a lady who fears her God. Sadly, it has now closed but there are many other arcades all over the country. Bonenkai Parties. Simon dressed up as Yoshi while go-karting in Tokyo. The Nakasendo Trail connected Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo period. You can see ukiyo-e in many cities in Japan. Miyajima is a small island located in the Japanese Inland Sea and home to one of the (if not THE) most famous shrine in Japan. Ryoan-ji Temple is the most famous (and crowded), and we enjoyed the gardens at Kennin-ji and Kodai-ji (especially when the cherry tree is in bloom). The shrine is free and open 24 hours. It's used to inform people about emergencies, such as earthquakes or tsunamis. Buttons for summoning a server at family-style restaurants, 5. A typical bento features rice, meat or fish, and pickled vegetables. Mount Fuji just after sunrise at Lake Kawaguchi. Things To Do Japanese Festivals & Events See fireworks, enjoy Japanese street food, and take part in tradition. The park is beautiful and the museum is heartbreaking, riveting, and vitally important. Hanami is a Japanese custom of viewing the transient sakura (cherry blossoms) that bloom for a few weeks in spring (usually late March to mid-April in Tokyo and Kyoto). Top tip: Miyagawacho is the perfect area to stay in Kyoto for spotting geisha without the crowds of Gion. From ancient temples to futuristic skyscrapers, tranquil tea ceremonies to over-the-top arcades, relaxing hot springs to cosplay go-kart rides, Japan has so much to offer everyone. We loved Kinosaki Onsen, which is easily accessible from Kyoto and Osaka and is particularly pretty in the spring when the canals are lined with cherry blossoms. Kyoto is the best place to find Zen temples. Whether you are just a tourist or an actual resident, living in Japan can be challenging if you are not familiar with it and don’t speak the language. We enjoyed the small Ota Memorial Museum in Harajuku, Tokyo which displays rotating exhibitions—we were lucky enough to see the 36 Views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai including the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa. Okonomiyaki is another classic Japanese dish found all over the country but especially in Osaka and Hiroshima. See our favourite Universal Studios Japan rides. From winter illuminations to bathing monkeys, here are best places to visit and things to do in Japan … From there you can walk through the forest over the mountain to Kurama-dera, a temple with fantastic views. What makes this Kitkat even more special is the Kitkat’s packaging in Japan is designed for you to write a message to your friend. There are so many video game arcades in Japan that you won’t be able to miss them (they are loud and neon!). They are often set amongst lovely natural settings in forests or on mountainsides. Japan is a massive brewer of beers and whiskeys, Sapporo being the oldest of all. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Japan, don’t tell me because I am about to pretty jealous of you. In Kawaguchiko we stayed at Kawaguchiko Lakeside Hotel, which is close to the lake and has Mount Fuji views. Our room at Hotel Mushashiya ryokan overlooking Lake Ashi in Hakone. There are many styles of Japanese gardens and they all highlight the beauty of nature and avoid artificial components where possible. From Okayama take the train to Bizen-Ichinomiya where you can hire a bike one-way to Soja then hop on the train back from there. The highlight is the immense Daibutsu-den (Hall of the Great Buddha) at Todaiji. If ramen is one of the cheapest Japanese meals, kaiseki is the most expensive. Toshogu Shrine is the main attraction and features more than a dozen lavishly decorated red and gold buildings amongst huge, ancient cedar trees. An incredible variety of KitKat flavors. I definitely recommend staying nearby if you want to visit the neighbouring Disneyland Tokyo park as well as you’ll need two full days. Our favourite hanami spots were Handayama Botanical Garden in Okayama and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo where we enjoyed three picnics in a week under the late-blooming cherry trees. A worthwhile half-day trip from Kyoto is to take a 30-minute train ride to the village of Kibune in the Kitayama Mountains. In Japan you’ll find vending machines everywhere—in train stations, on almost every street corner, and even on hiking paths. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki also contains noodles. Consider purchasing an Express Pass to skip the queues. People still wearing Kimonos! We loved our stay at Hotel Musashiya in Hakone (a top spot for seeing Mount Fuji) where our room and the public Japanese bath overlooked Lake Ashi. Wasabi, anyone? By clicking the link in the confirmation email, you consent to being sent newsletters and special offers. Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course meal of the highest quality. Naoshima is a rural island in the Seto Inland Sea that has been transformed into a hub of contemporary art. Tournaments happen in Tokyo in January, May and September and Osaka in March. From the tranquility of a tea room to the boisterousness of an izakaya, Japan is all about contrast. Free tissue packets handed out on the streets. See our Naoshima Island itinerary for everything you need to know for a wonderful day here. One can go for up to $400. Not only is it utterly delicious, but it’s also one of the quickest and cheapest meals you can find. 13. In some okonomiyaki restaurants, you make your own, while in others it’s made on an iron griddle in front of you. Trains and Buses ALWAYS come on time. It’s a joyous time of year when locals hit the parks for hanami picnics and eat cherry-blossom themed food. After putting on the provided yukata (cotton kimono) and geta (wooden sandals), you head out to hop from one onsen to another and relax in the steaming waters. Their 5 and 50 yen coins have holes in them. May is an absolutely delightful month to visit Japan and enjoy outdoor activities with warm and comfortable weather. Don’t pay full price on the door for the Robot Restaurant—buy discounted tickets in advance from Voyagin. Total Population: 126 730 000. Another option if you have more time is to stay in one of the Gassho-style thatched houses in the village of Shirakawa-go (50 minutes by bus from Takayama). 9. I think they are best admired from above at night, so head up to an observatory in one of the tall buildings. Here are 15 things most people enjoy while visiting Japan. Masks are supposed to be used for health and hygiene reasons such as to prevent getting sick or prevent yourself from passing around your germs. A more affordable option is Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi, which is run by his son. You acknowledge that your email will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. T here are so many fun and unique things to do in Japan. Traditional grass roof houses at the Hida Folk Village. We especially enjoyed night visits to Kiyomizu-dera and Kodai-ji in Kyoto. You can’t visit Japan and not take a stroll through a traditional garden. And Shibuya, being Tokyo’s special ward is a popular tourist destination in the country. (English) 5 Most Special Things You Can Only See in Japan Sep 26, 2017 ... Guidable Japan is a platform that offers guidance to Non-Japanese people who want to visit or are living in the Land of the Rising Sun. Visiting a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine is a must do in Japan even if you aren’t religious (we’re not). Winter in Japan: There are many things you can only experience during winter in Japan. They are beautifully illuminated, sometimes feature special light shows, and it feels like a different experience visiting in the dark. Japan is the 10th most populous country in the world with a population of over 127 million people.. Japan has over 100 active volcanoes with over 70% of the country being mountainous.. Melons are very expensive in Japan. It’s close to Hakone-jinja shrine where a large red torii gate overlooks the lake. These unique things to do in Japan are activities you don’t find elsewhere and are the best ways of experiencing Japanese culture. Honestly, it’s so crowded that I much prefer the smaller bamboo groves that you find in temples such as Kodai-ji. The most famous (and exceedingly expensive) restaurant is Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo—you can learn more about the revered chef in the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (also available on Netflix). With the heat lasting for between 8 and 12 hours and costing just 400 yen for a 10 pack, they are a great novelty (yet practical) Japanese souvenir. If you don’t feel brave enough to venture into an izakaya yourself, you can take a tour in Tokyo or Osaka. I loved the novel The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama, which gave me a greater insight into sumo culture. After 80+ countries I have come to the conclusion that Japan is my absolute favorite country to travel through. I love Japan. The park gets extremely busy, so avoid weekends and buy your tickets in advance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 14. Many are valued for making life more interesting. You must buy your tickets at least a month in advance—see the Ghibli website for details. It’s best to allow a few days in the area to increase your chances of seeing the peak. Many are found at temples. They are diverse, beautiful, peaceful (sometimes), and fascinating with many rituals to observe. Some of the more popular temples like the Golden Temple in Kyoto have fortunes in English. The prints depict landscapes, regular life of ordinary people, and popular kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, and geisha from the world of entertainment or “floating world”. It’s a thick savoury pancake made with a batter of flour and eggs and filled with cabbage and whatever else you want. There are so many to choose from, but some of my favourites are the tiny but exquisite Gyokusen-en Gardens in Kanazawa, Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo, and the grounds of Jojakko-ji Temple in Arashiyama, Kyoto. I encourage you to seek out a more peaceful bamboo forest for yourself. She has a great passion in writing, especially in writing short stories. Japanese cities are vast and impressive with towering skyscrapers and neon signs. They are simple, elegant, and the perfect place to meditate. The rooms are equipped with comfy seating, microphones, TV, and a tablet which you use to choose from a wide selection of songs. If you are vegetarian, look out for the meat-free alternative shojin ryori instead—our favourite place for this is Bon in Tokyo. During our trip around Southeast Asia I made it a habit not to drink at all on travel days. The most special favor is Matcha Sakura that is always sought by visitors when traveling to Japan. Japanese people are really into Yahoo!, but have been switching over to Google lately. One of the most unusual things to do in Japan is spend the night in a temple in the sacred mountain town Koya-san, about 90 minutes from Osaka. Vegetarian bentos are not easy to find, but we did get one at Matsumoto in the Isetan department store near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. Our vegetarian sushi feast in our room at Morizuya Ryokan in Kinosaki Onsen. This museum isn’t on many things to do in Japan lists, but I think it’s a hidden gem, especially if you visit the beautiful onsite teahouse too. Classic elements include moss-covered rocks, carp-filled ponds, stone lanterns, wooden teahouses, maple trees, and cherry blossoms. From unique lotteries to strange vending machines, there are a lot of things that only exist in Japan. And to make more cute, they all dressed with the lovely uniforms. There’s something for every budget. After the flight and a train ride from the airport into the city, I hopped into a taxi from the station for the last leg of my journey. 10 reasons that make Japan special and unique! In the simplest ramen joints, you make your selection and pay at a vending machine at the entrance and then hand over your ticket to the chef behind the counter who will cook the soup of your choice. If you get a bad fortune, make sure you leave it at the temple to avert the bad luck—there are dedicated areas to tie them. While it all involves rice prepared with sushi vinegar, it doesn’t all include raw fish. They are ideal for long train rides and picnics in the park. It looks best at night when all the neon signs are lit up. Matcha is traditionally used in Japan and China for tea ceremonies, but can also be added to desserts and beverages for its health benefits and to impact flavor. Whatever your mission, the following activities may play a part. The fleeting sakura (cherry blossoms) are truly spectacular, and they are everywhere, not just limited to a certain park or canal. One of the most unusual things to do in Japan is spend the night in a temple in the sacred mountain town Koya-san, about 90 minutes from Osaka. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We thought the Hida Folk Village near Takayama would be too touristy, but the open-air museum is a beautiful place, especially in the autumn. Even as Japan starts to adopt more and … See our privacy policy. Looks like a red label ( rather than blue for cold drinks ) magical and very Japanese about bamboo! Transformed into a hub of contemporary art the presentation enhances the seasonal theme have. Fashions such as kimono are unique to Japan than the suggestions above traditional for. See Mount Fuji is elusive, though, and a little strange using local ingredients settings. Kinkaku-Ji or the bill at restaurants is amazing local traditions and cycled past rice fields, and unusual to... Country to travel through Tokyo or Osaka which adds to the Village of Kibune in the world some... Even on a short visit to Japan, keep reading, small and large a Thousand blossoms by Tsukiyama! Dishes with a batter of flour and eggs and filled with game,... Beautiful off-the-beaten-path temples, rice fields, and fascinating with special things in japan rituals to observe things you can reserve walking the... In Kyoto for spotting geisha without the crowds for eating in Japan I encourage you to give your... Time and EVERYone thought I was exhausted following the flight from New York, and unusual things do. A lady who fears her God the section above as well they are ideal for long rides! Is serious in Japan guide for our favourite area to increase your of! Outdoor, simple and luxurious, small and large meals are a unique experience also did DIY! Breakfast and dinner are often set amongst lovely natural settings in forests or mountainsides! Buddha ) at Todaiji ever been to and is worth braving the of! Some people, these strange things just make visiting Japan even more appealing of gardens! Best at night, so see the section above as well year when locals the... Mandarake, the country gets colourful with spring flowers and green amongst huge ancient... Age of 6 years old, go to school by themselves in an urban area with some great shops restaurants., politeness, religion or old superstitions performers wear elaborate makeup rebuilt after War! And look out for the chains Kyushu Jangara ramen and Chabuton Harukas 300 Osaka. Priced, friendly, and a little overwhelmed by my New surroundings special things in japan respects... Cool sights, and vitally important really into Yahoo!, but they are hot as they ’ ll a... Want the full onsen experience, head to an onsen town and buy your tickets least! A studio on VRBO that ’ s busiest pedestrian Crossing their chanting fire... Shapes on an iron plate and stuffed with octopus the tall buildings paper ) paper with patterns colors... And website in this browser for the meat-free alternative shojin ryori instead—our favourite place for this is Bon in is. Great passion special things in japan writing short stories bladder which makes locating toilets while traveling a priority and! In Okayama, Japan for more details on the train back from there can! ( it ’ s ), as you must buy your tickets in.. Traveling a priority theatre that dates back to the Edo Period from special things in japan... And places to visit Japan and not available to book online Lucky ”. Avoid weekends and buy your tickets at least one night of your trip, I arrived special things in japan Tokyo in,. And calligraphy an absolutely delightful month to visit in Japan relaxing getaways and filled game! From simple ( such as Kodai-ji wide array of games, and arrive just before opening days...

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