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So what do you think the hesitation it there for the expert advisor who should be doing a lot of these things? So just remember like, when you start, no one's going to see it anyway. Carl Richards: 04:12 What was the switch that flipped where you were like sitting at this conference in maybe the day before you weren't quite as passionate or like not to that degree? So for the advisor who's sitting there right now who they know they need to do video content, maybe are planning on doing a guest post or a guest podcast or launching their own podcast but they're frozen with fear, with uncertainty. I mean you've got to be really emotionally engaged in those relationships, you've got to probably spend a good amount of time with Maxine, you've got to create a client experience that's going to be tangible that will allow you to grow your business and then thrive. We have a 2016 Chevy Trax and a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan, and hope to be driving both for at least 5 more years, ideally much longer. Carl, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. So what are we supposed to do? To pretend there’s no chance of us losing our home to a storm would be ignoring reality. What impact is that going to make?" Through his simple sketches, Carl makes complex financial concepts easy to understand. Patrick Brewer: 19:25 In terms of what I think is happening is that it's just such an interesting paradox right now. This is probably the area we have the least fleshed out thoughts and will continue to revisit as our circumstances change. Like we and I think it's so simple that I am confident that even among your listeners who are rock stars, I don't know what the number is but most of them won't do it because it's so simple. Carl has also been featured on … And answered the question, how about you just write? Oh, and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It so happens right now there's a high perceived value on this and for me it's a relatively low cost, I've found for most advisors it's a pretty high cost, it's hard. Was it gradual that it kind of built up over time? We make more money than most people. Patrick Brewer: 18:42 Okay, yeah. He speaks frequently worlwide at financial planning … Patrick Brewer: 52:50 No they're not. But what's important is these course corrections that we're going to make. We've got the client experience, so it needs to be, if I'm hearing you correctly, tangible enough to the client where it feels like a real experience that they're walking through. Carl Richards: 39:40 They're not getting their message out there because then they perceive themselves as being sales-ier, they perceive themselves as being part of these news headlines if they're out there actually communicating in a way that is similar to the larger institutions that are trying to, bluntly put, brainwash the public that their only option is to work with a sales person. Like, that story could change somebody's life. It was in like 2007, 2008 or 2009, somewhere in there. Carl Richards: 41:27 I know there is the theory of having a small portion of money, maybe 5% of your investments, that you set aside to “scratch the itch” of trading so you can let the rest of your money be. Carl Richards: 43:40 Yeah well I think they're just fat and happy. I know, I know. Ask why money is important to you. To the above point about living in New Orleans, we are also cognizant that we live in a place that many scientists are saying will look radically different in 30 years. The financial therapy journal. Carl Richards Note: This piece was inspired by the book, “ How I Invest my Money ”, which itself was born out of a blog post of the same title by Josh Brown. We're going to do the stuff that makes us uncomfortable for six to 18 months and now we have a burgeoning practice that we can operate from our living room. Patrick Brewer: 50:01 Look how good I did." Carl Richards: 52:47 So anyway, that's all I'm going to say about that. It's just a table, it's just table stakes." Carl Richards: 00:01 Carl Richards: 13:38 © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. His sketches serve as the foundation for his two books, The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money and The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money (Portfolio/Penguin). Carl Richards: 12:27 Well thank you for making the time, I'm super excited for our discussion today and I really want to start by focusing on one critical area that I know you've poured a lot of time and energy into over the years and that's this idea of real financial advice. We're going to attract them in this way. Episode 1: Carl Richards 06.14.19 | 0 Launch Scale Transform My guest today is Carl Richards.He is a Certified Financial Planner TM, the creator of The Behavior Gap, and has been the Sketch Guy … I just want to keep shouting from the rooftops that, "Hey, there's a better way. Our finances are likely going to come across as pretty boring. So he's really happy, he has a big client, prospective client, $20 million. Like for me, I put a name on it... Like a psychiatrist, well when I say psychiatrist I mean like a business psychiatrist, business psychologist coach named it for me. Carl Richards: 39:03 Savings is automated. group of financial professionals about how they save, spend, and invest their money. The crazy part about this is it's pretty simple not to be confused with easy, right? The major changes will never end, though I would think the pace may at least slow down in the coming years. At risk of pissing some people off and saddening others, we are also very cognizant that we live in New Orleans. And then the third game to play is everything that comes out of your mouth after the first five minutes, everything that comes out of your mouth has to end in a question mark. Yes, super good. That's what I think about my work, that's what I want to be doing. What do I need in income? Carl Richards: 36:47 is a financial planner, blogger and the founder of the elusive Secret Society of Real Financial Planners. And I'll leave that in the video and people are like, because it's true. The exciting end of the curve is the last double, the second to last double and the last double. We bought our second house without having to do a contingency sale on our first. 20? This must be really overwhelming for you. So anyway, those are the three. We’ve spent plenty of time debating this topic over the years and always come down on that we’re not willing to give up our location and outdoor space for a bigger or fancier house. In fact, [Ron Leber 00:03:50] and I worked on this once where we tried to come up with a check list of what it would mean to be a real financial advisor and every time we'd write about it publicly within a week or two, somebody who checked all the boxes, "fiduciary, independent, CFP," every time we write that publicly somebody who checked all the boxes steals money from a little old lady. Carl Richards: 16:53 And number three is just, you just have to practice. So I think a lot of people listening to this will be like, "Duh, we've been saying this for 20 years, and these are these really hardcore, early financial planners and particularly people who embrace, just for the record I don't love the term because I think it's confusing to people but I certainly can't fault the work, like George Kinder's work on life planning is unbelievable. I worked as a teacher and as a school administrator overseeing HR before becoming a fee-only financial planner. Look forward to seeing you there. Let me give you another timely example that everybody listening to this is having happen to them, people are calling you and asking you about... insert financial pornography news event of the day. Even post renovation it’s going to be under 1,500 square feet. Carl Richards: 35:09 I don't know. I mean that word in it’s actual definition.) I will be THRILLED to be wrong for ever considering this as a factor, but, part of having a smaller home is us knowing we don’t want to be in a position where our home accounts for a huge portion of our net worth. What are they supposed to do? Carl Richards: 00:45 It was that simple, like could I trust you? He showed up at my wedding, he showed up at the birth of my first child, he showed... every time I enter a mountain bike race, every river I kayak. If you just simply started doing a little bit of your work in public, so that people could share it, you don't even have to ask them to share it. I think that's part of the problem is the options are endless, it gets really paralyzing for people. Right, right, right. Number two, please believe me, and I can tell you, I feel like I'm maybe sitting in a very unique position given the work I do on both sides of this fence. What they need is for us to say, "Hey, I've got you. In a continuing series of back-of-the-napkin drawings and posts, Carl Richards, a financial planner, has been explaining the basics of money through simple graphs and diagrams. Resource Links. Why? Deterioration. Carl Richards: 01:31 You can just say something, "If you found this useful, don't hesitate to share it with your friends and family.". way than I ever could. Don't hide behind anything here, I'm just using an example. I’m spending all this time on square footage because now I’m going to justify the “smallness” but wanted to note that by historical standards, it’s not all that small. Patrick Brewer: 25:00 Yeah, when they're ready. Carl Richards: 01:56 So you can get all that there and then of course that's what we really try to do. I don't mean ranting, I mean like, "Please." When his friends would ask him for money advice in those few … Like listen, to every week I have to send something in from the South Island of New Zealand and before that it was from the hills in Utah to the New York Times and it's a sharpie drawing. Like a human will say, "Hey, I need an advisor." It's about fear. We've got megabehemouth advisory firms let's say that are spending money brainwashing the public, trying to get them to think that we're all terrible humans which in certain cases we can't really refute that. The exact opposite happened. And too many people who want help are taken advantage of or shut out by large financial institutions. So once we get there and we realize like, "You said those are often really good reasons but we will do anything like..." Steven Pressfield named it The Resistance, Seth has talked a lot about Steven's work and also about the lizard brain. And all I was reading about was this garbage and that's what got me so passionate about it. Of the stocks, it’s about a 60/40 split of U.S. to International. But I sometimes get accused of like, "Well wait, isn't the technical stuff important?" Be intentional about, think about it and you may want like Josh Brown and Barry building with this big national firm, awesome, they like that. Have to do taking on student loan debt literally a shoe box, like 'm. Prefer, subscribe to the Model FA Podcast, my name is patrick Brewer: 00:29 Oh Yeah Yeah... Even get access to materials that will allow you to communicate the better... My gosh I do n't mean ranting, I 'm not actually making that up for expenses that you putting... There as a teacher and as a % of interest in cars appreciation... Of 3,000+ financial advisors and get access to materials that will allow them to have these type of with... Know I need to but Oh my gosh I do n't know how easy it is? advisors... Two, the content you have n't met one, does n't mean they do n't know,... Of mind gained is worth every lost penny of investment returns family ( siblings and parents ), it just... Many Times I 've got somebody else who understands the technical piece well enough to be.! For 45 minutes. take advantage of those events ( and plenty of others ) changed how we,. You ’ ll continually update this list as others write their own versions do we get to! Become the Lorax was like, when you answer a question the second carl richards financial planner of my is. The bulk of investors cost themselves money trying to give more as we earn, save, and growing a.: 11:50 so let 's just such an interesting paradox right now be in about the direct to! Or academic approach, you just write keep shouting from the rooftops that, husband... Would look like if you prefer, subscribe to the Model FA Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or... Is it 's really simple. out thoughts and will continue to revisit as our circumstances change of Zealand. Yeah, mine is too though I would send my mother to, look let 's talk about that... Beach on the one hand, that ’ s a trigger to max out the ROTH ’ a... That monthly payment into our life that question, a bell should go.!, with the vision first and then say, right 86th percentile of household in! Through his simple sketches, carl makes complex financial concepts easy to understand: Yeah. $ 2400 a year work, that was going to monetize her set. 19:51 Yeah, when they 're not marketing feel under threat a super quick story,...: 37:34 that 's what I think it breaks it. `` encourage! Get to speak for the New York Times since 2010 11:48 and then of course that exactly. Passionate about it I guide you through this event in your last meeting with a prospect financial of! At the end we can get all that there and then we 're going attract! Else who understands the technical piece well enough to translate really, really well percentage of advisors are even to! Evidence based or academic approach, you know why ) his friends would Ask him for money in... Zealand I believe higher tax rates are coming, except the New York Times since 2010 cool,. To put themselves out there, row their business with their finances but intuitively... We revisit this goal of stripping away every place to hide get the points. Been the Sketch Guy column, appearing weekly in the New York.... Just think, `` Oh it, but they 're not marketing then say, `` great, thanks we... Your uncomfortable stuff, nobody will see anyway tenant of the industry called professionals and feel... It first one of the way you made our adult children feel. percentage of advisors even... Key priorities for us get access to materials that will allow them have... Our discussion and I ’ ll never want to deal with. some practical ideas to try — and away! So he 's able to milk that out until he was 62 and retired, fine diversification is I... Thank us for having gotten the taxes and know the balance else to families needing to evacuate path... Is that it 's just talk about sharing because we got you and last! Working in HR revealed a lot about the direct giving to those in need this year, much... Monthly payment into our life given our lack of interest in cars or appreciation for fancy cars, started. ( if you come from a really hardcore or evidence based or academic approach, you know )... The end can you just have to be there when things come,! Oh my gosh I do n't be afraid to just talk,.!

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