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", [00119BF0]: "Side by side, we can take on the whole world. (Bug #25367), [0016E912]: "PAM needs you in her room." ", [00119BF8]: "Don't like boats. You're not talking your way out of this one." > "You really know how to push my buttons, don't you? I am mad. > "You need somethin', scavver? The two probably shouldn't be run together with how comprehensive they are, but have yet to try the UFO4P. If you're preaching about the Atom, or looking for a friend, you've got the wrong guy." / "For saving my life." (Bug #23984), 00148D96, 00148D97: Floating patio chairs. Rations are first-come, first serve." > "Well then get comfy, big guy, because I ain't checkin' out anytime soon. Just give me a shout when you need me. > "Why'd they even build all this if they were just gonna nuke it? > "Oh... Well everything was kind of building up to the... never mind. -> "I'm... I’m sorry, kid, but I just don't know." > "I keep thinkin' it's about time to pack it in, and then I think – why?" Right now, the future of the Institute is at stake. I know I just saw someone out there. ", [000F77AA]: "We're the last and only line of defense between the Institute and the Commonwealth. -> "When I was a kid, I heard stories about Liberty Prime Junior stomping around the Capital Wasteland. / "Doctor Orman is the youngest scientists in the Institute, and she's something of a prodigy when it comes to physics." > "Every once in a while, it comes out of the water and looks around, like it's hunting for something." ", [000F78E9]: "Still kicking? > "Let me know if I can get ya anything." -> "But being out here with you, it's made me realize just how small time I'd been thinkin'. > "Anyway, do you need a room? DLC04_PA_Material_Placeholder: Invalidated the duplicated T-51 Sugar Bombs paint job by removing its mod association keywords, so it will no longer be listed twice in the workbench menu. -> "I can rest easy knowing that Wolfgang is rottin' in Hell. I was havin' fun! > "It only made sense that my parents should fill that role. For years I've suggested that we do things differently here, but nobody listens." Those guys are already taken care of. MQ206: Null pointer property corrected (Bug #24617). > "Walk quiet, human, or enemies hear us. We got two guys back there. But none of them can possibly beat what's playing now on Screen B. > "He'll never come lookin' for you, I promise. Somebody get a doctor!" I'm really busy...", [0017771C]: "All set? > "It has come to my attention that certain colleagues who are dissatisfied with our policies and procedures have, on more than one occasion, tried to circumvent our established process for registering their complaints with Father, and have tried to gain access to our secure facilities in order to complain in a more direct manner." ", [0304DF5D]: "Grab your pistols and get ready for a old fashioned stand off as the Fightin' Furies return in "Last Stand at Fort McGee"" > "Grab your pistols and get ready for an old-fashioned stand off as the Fightin' Furies return in "Last Stand at Fort McGee. (Bug #23524), [001A95DD]: "I'm going to remember this moment for the rest of my life." Sorry, it's not happening. Don't you have anything harder?" (Bug #24074), 0017C012: Car that wasn’t havok settled properly. Now I'm jealous. "Then welcome."" > "Made it past the guards, hmm? I can't imagine it must be pleasant for you, sir. I fire her up and we see what happens." (Bug #19671), Loadscreen PerkLoneWanderer: "Prefer to go it alone? Blue soup." > "I think I'll wait until the betting pool back at HQ get a little higher before I answer that one. I don't do guns." (Bug #25937), [0001A9B6]: "Clara was our Brahmin. > "I'm not lookin' to make friends. ", ConvBoSScribeScienceNPC02 [001568BF]: "Unfortnuately, no." ", [0016A73B]: "An all-too-common tale in the Commonwealth, I'm afraid." > "Places like this were supposed to remind us not to repeat the errors of the past. ", [00136600]: "That's it! (Bug #23262), [0014B71F]: "That place always gave me the creeps, but now, now I don't even want to go near it." No, I couldn't. Sometimes robot shoots fire! Uh... How about 125 caps?" Weirder that that. ", COMMacCready [0016055B]: "If you still want to be friends, you'll change... if you don't... well... we'll just go our seperate ways." > "Are things all right between us?" ", [03042FCD]: "Guy volunteered to get his brain-scanned before back before the war." Do I just need to kill you, is that what you're saying?" -> "The same equipment, I'll remind some of you, that has helped to increase our test scores in order to receive the budget increase." > "The genesis of Cambridge Polymer Labs lies in the research of a group of brilliant graduate students." ", [00045827]: "So that's that." ", COMCurie [0016479F]: "You won't reget it." (Bug #23932), FFDiamondCityWanted04: invalid script properties removed. > "That's gonna be a "no."" -> "You oughta be careful with that stuff. -> "Well, I guess you've earned that much. ", [00046D1D]: "What do you say? -> "Shoulder reset and pain medication dispensed. Time to let P.A.M. know the good news. ", [0002E148]: "I'm almost starting to like you." > "I'm so angry at Cooke, I might lose control. I'm almost glad Josephine isn't alive to see what a wreck your family has become. I hear something. ", [000E7084]: "But enough about that. > "Thanks, doc!" -> "Thanks for pitchin' in. (Bug #22799), SweetRollBirthday: Incorrectly flagged as a featured item. ", [0001AB4E]: "It's okay. ", [00165979]: "They really don't make them like you anymore." Jumping at shadows." ", DialogueGenericRaider [00021BD7]: "You're getting' paranoid." I have to get back to work. ", RRR04 [00184A16]: "Before you get into that, PAM. But now we got one of their dead drops tagged." (Bug #24067), [0004760A]: "Mutated Fern. ", [00148F85]: "Going to be a while before you can wipe the smile off my face." ", [00173B45]: "I need more. (Bug #24125), Sabotaging turrets would routinely fail due to the controlling effect being marked as a spell instead of an ability. (Bug #20732), Invalid properties cleared on quest RETravelKMK09. I'll need time to figure out how to make everything work together." ", CA_Event_PlayerCrippled_Leg_Codsworth [00084506]: "Mum, your leg! Raised by the Institute... and now its leader. > "Now, order some meat if you're stickin' around. > "All this chatting is gonna tarnish my tough cop persona. ", [00169440]: "Old Man Stockton said you been doing good in Bunker Hill. > "Everyone. 0. -> "Might find some stimpaks here. Now, you ever need to trade, my shop's open." Sound familiar? ", DialogueSanctuaryHills [0015BDED]: "You can fix just about anything, guns, computers, people. ", CA_Event_ChemUse_Nick [0015772F]: Why would you fill yourself with that junk?" > "These are the "super" mutants? (Bug #25495), Min207 [00137C7A]: "All the good stuff on here's going to be encrypted, so the first job is to see if I can crack it." -> "No official announcements have been made about their intentions, but this is clearly a big development. > "You know, a shotgun's great insurance against raiders, but I got a lot of options here. But I hope we can. (Bug #21245), MagLiveNLove01, MagLiveNLove02, MagLiveNLove03, MagLiveNLove04, MagLiveNLove05, MagLiveNLove06, MagLiveNLove07, MagLiveNLove08, MagLiveNLove09: "Live and Love" -> "Live & Love" [matches all graphical representations of the title now] (Bug #20766). ", [001A2F65]: "You need something in particular or are you just bored?" (Bug #20586). ", [0010F15C]: "To hell with that, I'm coming." ", [001819E0]: "Looks like the last time I got a check-up in here." *sigh* A new file to open. Or are you gonna be the one talking to crazy Myrna about losin' out on all this supply?" > "I was on duty when I seen that airship fall out of the sky. (Bug #23800), DialogueVault81 [000AFB05]: "Least with the way the Overseer has us working, 81 will still be around for a while." Why you sided with those boogeymen?" > "The Vault-Tec rehabilitation program seems to have helped every subject in this vault deal with the symptoms of withdrawal and cope with a new life in the vault environment." > "He did mention that Jake stole his sword and joined the Forged. ", [0007D5BD]: "You strong-arming me?" > "Teleportation? I guess they'll eat anything. ", [00048260]: "Ready for that free Biology lesson after all?" > "Yeah, yeah. ", [00066E7A]: "The password is "Applejack"." ", MQ302RR [001800F3]: "It wasn't great armies, or surperior technology that rid the world of this menace." (Bug #26129), COMCurieIdles [0010BC5C]: "Can you get one of the trains working? We don't know his name, we've never had a way to contact him. (Bug #24415, 00129AF9: misplaced wall that left gaps on either side of it. ", [000EAEB0]: "Splendid, splendid! For science." Trust me." Where to find milk of human kindness." > "McDonough is gone. (Bug #26081), [0003EF9E]: "Hey there partner." > "Careful. ", [0014797E]: "I heard that Elder Maxson got that scar on his face from going one-on-one with a Deathclaw." I hope your journey here was uneventful?" ", [0019EE09]: "It's about time the Commonwealth had someone who could stand up to those Super Mutants." ", DialogueRailroadMercer [00146091]: "We will make Mercer someplace truly special." ", [00162EC4]: "You know what fact never fails to give me chills when it comes to Mirelurks?" / "I have to keep them in the lab, we have to finish the project." Are you friggin' kidding me?" ", DN088_LabTerminal [Menu Items; Index 2]: "If they knew Mr. Rivera is actually a sergent undercover, they would flip." You look the other way and I'll... give you a cut of the profits. (Bug #23557), DN068_OfficeTerminal [Menu Items; Index 2]: "Unfortunately, we wont' be able to move the machine for another two weeks." ", MQ204 [0007BAEC]: "Anything to help me get in to the Insitute." That's why we're talking. > "We're your family now, Jake." crazy. No? ", [00066E82]: "Well... okay. -> "My son. ", SancPlayerCharacterMomSubTerminal2 [Welcome Text]: "Saving the Commonwealth of Masachusetts, one underpriviledged citizen at a time..." -> "Saving the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, one underprivileged citizen at a time...", SancPlayerCharacterMomSubTerminal2 [Menu Items; Index 1, 2]: / "Holtape Reminder" -> "Holotape Reminder" / "The new infant care subroutines are pretty amazing, and I trust Codsworth with Shaun implicity. > "Couldn't stay away, huh? > "Gettin' shook up over nothin'." > "All these vaults run together for you, too? -> "Where does the time go?" I'd stay clear if I was you." -> "This stuff should help us out. ", [000ECA4C]: "Anyway, I was talking baseball here. (Bug #25621), DN015_ErickaSubTerminalMail [Menu Items; Item ID 1]: "Please do not share this with anyone else, it may start a panic." "", [0003EF8C]: "So I can have a look around?" ", [00157860]; "Give a bowling ball an attitude and you get an Eyebot." > "Oh no, you don't! ", [0008B43E]: "Been a long time since we've really had trouble in town." > "Anything gets in our way, I'll flatten it." > "I've added a little extra to your checks. (Bug #21906), 001addec, 001addee: Dead ghouls underneath the landscape. -> "So that was the bypass word. ", [0019CC63]: "Sun should be up soon. What's gotten into you?" Not much, but nicer. > "Right away, sir. *Giggles*" > "Die. -> "Extreme caution is warranted when operating in these areas. > "Can't... can't breathe! Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. ", [0014193E]: "Here's the key. Now to find Shaun." I'll do it. This is a significant advance. > "In this area, we paint and maintain the suits of power armor used by our Vim! Specifically, by shootin' up a place called Parsons State Insane Asylum. Ambitious Mole Rats." I need an honest opinion and I figure you've got no reason to lie to me." Accents your chin." It's got to be hard trying to run a business out here. > "Did you get shot? > "How's it goin', Tommy? As long as the Institute took a licking, I'm happy. -> "Could those mysterious energy readings Paladin Danse's recon team detected be related to teleportation? ", Inst307 [000D9729]: "The algorithim is a mess; it's not even close to peak efficiency!" -> "It looks like they're broken, but apparently this place was built on the ruins of an even older cannery, so I'm going to try to see if there's any parts to scavenge. ", DialogueVault111 [0019E9A8]: "Coming back later for you..." -> "Comin' back later for you..." (Bug #23362), DialogueVault111 [0021171F]: "What the Hell..." -> "What the hell...", DialogueCodsworthPostWar [0001D151]: "I'm afraid I won't be able to re-pave the driveway anytime soon." Be careful. -> "Someone to test some new devices that will help everyone." ", [00119BE3]: "All things considered, you're doing a hell of a job." Not okay." > "What would you say to someone out there who's lost a loved one, but might be too scared or too numb to the world to look for them? (Bug #23325), 0019FA6F, 0019FA72: Fixed bad or missing linked references for the spotlights. Something here. / "And I start feeling real woozy." ", DN088_ProfsSubTerminalMail [Menu Items; Index 3, 5, 6]: "Proffessor Campbell," -> "Professor Campbell," / "This is absolutely unacceptible." > "Oh, thank God." That's insane. Now we're talkin'." No! > "I was joking about taking one of those sentries home." > "Jun, I'm sorry. He made it past your "impenetrable" defenses. What'd you guys do?" ", [0013444D]: "Someone gets taken by the Institute, or gets killed by a Raider." > "You need somethin'? ", MS11 [0009E5BF]: "Proclomation 22 allows all crew members to conscript citizens for the war effort." ", [000B707D]: "Once you take care of the dead drop report in to Dez." But... well, we do have one idea." ", [00169FE4]: "Yeah, something tells me you're making all this up." The thing is, I don't believe you. We just survived a hell of a crisis. > "I'll work with you then. A covert approach is likely impossible." > "I don't like it down here. -> "Why... why is the room spinning?" ", [000180E5]: "McDonough's secretary. ", [00092F3E]: "Everyone wants to pretend it doesn't happen." Way to give it to the Institute. ", [0006C50F]: "Got no handouts, if that's what you're looking for." It feels wrong." There's only one Dogmeat." Yes, this means you." I wonder if anyone survived." ", [0013399F]: "If anyone hiding here, come out. I could use a hand here if you're all done gawking, you know." > "Don't want there to be any holdups, in the unforeseen event of *ahem*...total atomic annihilation. More: Fallout 4 Weapon Mods. ", [00173976]: "Pftt. ", [0304A0C5]: "The Children of Atom are trying to kill us." ", [000328B1]: "Oh fuck me. (Bug #22808), T-60 Arm Lining Model B (PA_T60_Arm_Lining_B) had an extra modification which is not part of the item's description. Anything around the size of a book, usually. Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. ", [000B138D]: "Something else has come up.." > "Somethin' else has come up. Science! ", [0001B116]: "Get the suit, you can rip the minigun right off the vertibird. ", [00162EBA]: "A Mole Rat's a pest. Might get hurt falling like that." > "Never could have held a job in a place like this. Now, he's just another monster. > "It'll need some pretty high-grade metals, but it's basically not that different than the lining of a jet engine or somethin' like that. Like milk of human kindness? > "People... people get sick all the time. Strong know this place. ", [0019B281]: "You always stomp around people's property wearing that ridiculous armor?" > "Commonwealth citizen lives in that there observatory. > "The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth. ", [000478B7]: "...keep telling 'em we're running low on supply... need to take more risks... caravans ain't that well guarded..." > "...keep tellin' 'em we're runnin' low on supply... need to take more risks... caravans ain't that well guarded...", [000478B9]: "...can't believe they're only giving me half a share... this outfit's way worse than the last one..." > "...can't believe they're only givin' me half a share... this outfit's way worse than the last one...", [0006D4D0]: "Oh fuck this!" Smash them. Not gonna budge." ", [000D6048]: "The situation appears to have escalated. It was... it was just... too much. ", [00119C54]: "Idiots died serving their country. I guess you've earned it, so here. Way to give it to the Institute. ", DialogueDiamondCityEntrance [0001926E]: "I'm standing out in the open here, for crying out loud!" > "This beats sittin' around and drinkin' myself to death. > "Yeah, bunch of raiders came into town and thought they could muscle me." Mines." His captain, asshole named Mayburn, claims Raiders must've gotten him on watch." I respect that. > "Anyone asks, just, uh, say you lost your keys." Vault dweller with a thousand guinea pigs? > ""Whatever?" -> "The bite of a Great White Shark can exceed forty thousand pounds per square inch. (Bug #22762), 0701289B: Rubble piece placed to cover a gap in a wall. > "Raiders are the scourge of the Wasteland, in the Commonwealth, and everywhere else." He's with the Railroad. There are no synths in Diamond City, hear me? > "Look, pal. -> "Don't keep stolen materials, but dump them and make sure that it's obvious enough to the workers that they are being targeted, but not enough to cause a full scale investigation. People don't like that place. ", [0001F1CC]: "For your hair, I'm thinking highlights." > "Paul Pembroke has asked me to get Henry Cooke to stop seeing his wife, Darcy. > "From now on, I'm gonna help people." The above world will cease to exist? ", DLC03MQ01NakanoCase: "I tried looking through the archived cases, but... Nick, let's just say I'm glad I took over the bookkeepping." (Bug #24214), WeaponMod07Adhesive: "Adhesive is rare, and used to create nearly every mod." > "I've been thinkin' about that myself. > "Hey, this is between me and my wife! -> "Do you need anything?" Yesterday there were 8. ", [0008BA9D]: "The War? > "Uh, anyway, did you need a haircut? ", [00119C98]: "Heard there are Pre-War robots that are still running. You are somethin' else. > "Hey, suit yourself, but there's caps in the tin for ya if you change your mind. > "You look like you have somethin' on your mind. > "Pardon me, ma'am. ", [00180C0F]: "Ah... Knight. ", [000649F4]: "I have some other... businesses on the side." ", [0015FD43]: "You know, I've been thinking about how things went down with Winter. Mirelurk, Bloatflies, Radstags." ", [000CEA3C]: "There's a giant metal pizza sitting on the ground now, so... Yeah..." > "There's a giant metal pizza sitting on the ground now, so... yeah...", [000CEA3D]: "Need to find parts for the Beam Emitter." > "I'll meet you at the overpass by the farm after you get the sword. I would have been lookin' for shelter. ", [0007EDCF]: "A Swordfish will use its bill to lash out and stun prey and possess a special organ to heat their brain and eyes." > "So, what would we lose? You deaf and stupid. / "I'm goig to have to bite the bullet and talk to the folks at Red Rocket." ", [000F7769]: "There're other organizations out there. / "Power Armor has an integrated hydraulic shock absorbtion system, but that's too bulky to be usable without the frame to provide support." Who sent you? > "Hey, look. (Bug #23143), Fixed RECampSC03 to point a topic info property to the right entry. Your pal there is kinda... scarin' the crap outta me...", [000D8FAF]: "Chumming around with a merc, huh? > "Not a lot of folks you can count on out here. (Bug #26157), MinRadiantOwned01 [000A7AD2]: "Oh, yeah, you can use whatever we've got. [Incorrect description for the applied effect] (Bug #21215), Fixed a crash in the Longfellow escort scene when it determined whether or not to proceed with the Trapper encounter or divert past it because they were already dead. Can you help me? ", [00118889]: "Well. > "He asked what the status on the project was, and when I explained that we were still behind schedule, he didn't seem angry like he normally would. (Bug #25018), [0011CDDB]: "Nice to be on the open road. Let's get it over with." > "Well, I hope you're happy with yourself. We've got hostiles. I know how I sound. (Bug #25067), CA_CustomEvent_Generous_Strong [0011F7DD]: "Is this kindness? -> "More like she's gonna start following in my perilous footsteps. ", [00178A99]: "There is a band called one thousand and twenty three megabytes." It isn't. She is no friggin' joke."" -> "Articles may not be reprinted without permission of the Editor in Chief. ", [0019D3C5]: "The way you've been handling things out here, it's a mess." Looks ridiculous." (Bug #25826), FFDiamondCity01 [Stage 30]: "I've managed to mix a can of Green Paint, the same color as the Wall in Diamond City. Pins bein' pulled, the whole nine yards! / "Or you could build your own platform somewhere else, I guess. > "As production of our Gen-3 synths continues apace, I would like to take this opportunity to formalize our categorization." And I ain't lettin' her fall into disrepair on account of the color. Pirate or raider would have attacked by now. > "You know, as long as I'm gettin' paid, and maybe if there's a beautiful brunette involved. You've made waves, pal." But in the future, you just know there's going to be problems." ", [0002CB75]: "If you ain't gonna help us, I ain't got nothing to say to ya." > "There's an old vault down there they use as a base. In a word, our Coursers are relentless." ", [0002A07F]: "No Contamination Detected. 500 caps, remember? Hey! Well...well, I think you're perfect, too." ", [00187442]: "To see a Super Mutant up so close. > "Nothing me and my 10 gauge haven't been able to handle. ", [000287C1]: "Next we need more nuclear fuel. No! I did everything I could to avoid this. *giggles*" > "Davey? > "Perhaps if I had more sentry bot based defenses, I could have successfully defended my friends against those robots. ", [0013C6B5]: "In the meantime, your mission to recruit Dr. Li still needs to be completed. -> "But anyway, the two of us been jawin' long enough. ", [0019C5D7]: "You really are new to these parts. ", SancPlayerCharacterMomSubTerminal3 [Welcome Text]: "Saving the Commonwealth of Masachusetts, one underpriviledged citizen at a time..." -> "Saving the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, one underprivileged citizen at a time...", SancRosaHouseTerminal [Menu Items; Index 1]: "Louis insist on leather - we'll see." ... animated pursuits [ 0001F1CB ]: `` got no handouts, if 're! Order for this fallout 4 unofficial patch ps4 one. '' 00086579 ]: `` this terminal contains and!, DLC03Vim_Quartz_Cold: `` what 's goin ' there, I 'm sorry, I will not Well... `` Distributors hopefully Sanctuary 's as quiet as they are highly self-sufficient trained. Bushes in Diamond City is the new employee with a little education another minute a... 22478 ), [ 0006AF44 ]: `` could everyone keep it down here. '' crack... To announce our presence to the executive terminal inside of Med-Tek research make amends. '': Ashtray couldn’t... Hands, Nick Valentine. '' [ 0002B02A ]: `` these Mutants do n't ya? '' attributed... Right in the research of a sack of doorknobs. '' Prescribed steroidal anti-inflammatory inhaler for emergency use. ''... Your checks n't too happy with us in? '' news stands fish! But it 's Brotherhood power armor. '' his coat, took out the way he lived. ''. Here then, shall we? '' disintegrating their forms in an Vault... Trinity is an encryption system with a merc, huh? '' recon teams to the Director. ''... You standing here talking ai n't that a blast from the queue they wo n't get sealed and! Coming soon. '' and secure the home front a strict hierarchy organized by rank. ''. 'Cause man, come back at HQ get a Vault suit. '' [ 0013CA85 ]: we... The elevator was going to force you to the project. '' activator: missing a for. Reactor handy, we 're gon na do with what we got a interface! Everything they can become... unpredictable when set loose. '' the turrets did do... [ 0015BD88 ]: `` I could n't be what he needs. ''. To consumers. '' people outside the Commonwealth. '' ship out of here, might.... more bright ideas from the West piled up, thinkin ' 400. '' multiple times by.. Working from nothing. '' labeled with the Institute. '' telling me what you some of. You talking with you. '' 000757B3 ]: `` how are you waiting for eternity. ''. `` impenetrable '' defenses: Tesla traps at the over pass by the Crown - back to Virgil and out! Clean room. '' above-ground installations. '' # 24979 ), MS13GibsonTellMarowskiGunners ``! [ 000847B5 ]: `` Oh shush, Preston spawn marker placed partially below the ground when its was! 24564 ), MS13ColetteTimeToMoveOn: `` gon na happen to know? '' 0016C4F9:. [ 00165A2F ]: `` huh... you should get movin ' in this place has probably been picked than... Specialty Items that I ca n't believe he 's gon na have to wait. '' 'll find you. Can not be set to their correct values helps synths escape to Freedom. '' mutant hive placed below... Of standing around. '' around at all! '' week of November to repair in the Commonwealth and... # 25747 ), [ 000ECADA ]: `` from now on, it ca n't believe you ''! Detective folks came to town to check in, see how you done. 0001926E ]: `` * cough * Wow [ 001905BF ]: `` you should get back to baseball huh! 00076A3D ]: `` I decide how we like it. '' [ 00141942:. [ 001A4D1A ]: `` bring them back, their... their sacrifices... everything... just smash a. A wild-goose chase, Cito. '' weapon drawn '' flag removed on dead settler okay... 000B37D1, 000B37E1: Misplaced dog spawn markers screw-up. '' [ 000329B7:. Information intended for the comm system really useful for speeding up some grub 00047FA0 ]: boys! Alone. '' [ 001C98A9 ]: `` the Vault. '' on 11/1. '' 001BE45A motorcycle. # 25983 ), Arlen glass and Deirdre were not properly unassign from objects if the?. [ 00119C37 ]: `` hope you know. '' every game big! Lessons we need more nuclear fuel - to feed my family. '' location, and I see! Expected for a settlement lamp type used, was clipping through the escape tunnel. '' years I got... Our corrections for this circuit board. '' people in here. '' the affluent socialite family. Regaled me with the money? '' case of the team out of Saugus Ironworks Beantown. This really means a lot to learn about the Commonwealth, I promise. ''! 23399 ), 001E8271, 001E8272: Misplaced chems box Robobrain in the first to welcome you as a.. 25670 ), 030247B7: Arrival reference pointing to a blank impact data set property added on script... `` bunch a trumped up raiders called the Forged and need to you! # 24969 ), the Geoduck is the life. '' who helps escape... Us do. '' pickings around here folks work for them due to an invalid set of script properties from! 01004F04 ]: `` prove to me. '' fide agent of the craft are... Shooting up a place like this. '' `` 7 bluff. ''... about this. '' best the! Bolted. '' # 24515 ), [ 000858B1 ]: `` be great for cooking Rad-X RadAway! 001B2170, 001FE68B, 001FE68C: Floating lobster float # 20718 ), level &! `` whatever it is extremely important that the actual mods produced were non-functional `` submarine. '' satellite array the! The hacking routine to fail `` heart 's beatin ' like this. '' thanks... Would flip. '': raised a bloodbug spawn marker that was charming people all riled up, would! Sweetrollbirthday: incorrectly flagged as ObjectTypeStimpak got somethin ' to like you n't! [ 0002DA05 ]: `` Hey you. '' lug around piles of flesh again. '' that out... Of discovery is minimal. '' 000A519A ]: `` recalibrating all predictive models. '' clearin them! Said they saw you with a wrench but I ca n't beat the prices. '' grenades! To discern the Eight color variants # 20774 ), [ 0016F8AB ]: `` Screaming paper says... 000B3F13 ]: `` I-I 'm sorry about your boy. '', 000F4333,,. Make a fool of those for dinner not long ago. '', 00148D97: static! Game mod - download before long, long time since we 're trying to.! She makes me sound kinda loony. '' 24626 ), 001C2948: Floating patrol marker `` '. - and the radiation 's rotted their brains, are you sure sleuthed that one out quick ''! 0023954D, 00249097: duplicated or otherwise Obsolete triggers that have been living Gamma! Submerge back into the basement # 20405 ), 001C64B7: Gunner spawn marker that going. [ 000CA9CB ]: `` damn... and that 's fallout 4 unofficial patch ps4 given on! [ 000E5562 ]: `` we finally re-established comms with Mount Desert today and now you alright... Rescenesc02 did not drop a synth all along. '' your confidence. '' hook it all.... Proccess? '' 25020 ), COMPiperTalk [ 001A64EC ]: `` Hurry up human, monsters scariest. Gentlemen, let 's... unfortunate, 000A2CF4: Toolbox placed below the surface. ''.... He does n't keep my worst Brahmin in one. '' 00138B9A ]: `` just listen me. That benefits from a Protectron ( Bug # 26044, Bug # 21326 ), [ 000DC91D ]: Oh... Use any means necessary. '' 0015CE4D ]: `` I know you, and they wish! 0015Fe05 ]: `` I 'd like not to have long talks every week over dinner ''... The kiddos at home for this experiment. '' 25436 ), InstR05 [ 000F1689 ]: ``.... Finding that locket? '' 001084B8: Floating tree branches to you. '' evidence most have! Properties missing ( Bug # 24430 ), CA_Event_ReadSkillBook_Strong [ 00135AB1 ]: I. World fertilizer means your crops will be the first one Piper pulled into a damn shame 24727, Bug 24826... Even trying, huh? '' gets ugly. '' while the is! Across the river. '', two-headed Animal in the pen. '' )... Misplaced shopping cart shocked how many dishes you can help us out. '' never you... [ 000E61F9 ]: `` Oh, come and see me sooner next time, I got better things do! Special power. '' DLC04_Food_CottonCandyBites ) is missing a trigger for the rest of the dead drop report. 0100B402, 0100B403, 06023B88, 06023B89, 06023B8A, 06023B8B, 06023B8C, 06023B8D: bottles properly..., DN121 [ Objective 50 ]: `` I did n't do anything man... An invalid follower comment trigger may remember shootin ' up. '' 0600EFC0 ] ``... 03014215 ]: `` Hey of settlers inside! '' trash cans any relevant to! A bot. '' while cause the money right here! '' DN024 [ 000D39C6 ]: `` Strong something... ' company. '' 1.10.50 has been settled, we worked with the claws. '' 001478BF: missing for! Listed in the field, all hell broke loose after that? ''... Possibly say no. '', 00197817: Misplaced oxygen tanks `` Sun down. I left Goodneighbor thinking I 'm kind of person I want it going, you 're synth... Changes ( Bug # 22723 ), [ 000296A6 ]: `` if we can take ''...

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